So How Do You Make Money from That…?

Making MoneyThere’s this crazy misconception that I spend a lot of time trying to correct. It revolves around businesses making money.

You see, they do. No really, I mean it.

I know there are lots of “businesses” out there giving stuff away for free, or using a “non-traditional model.”

But generally, one of the definitions of a business is that it generates revenue.

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Successful Entrepreneurs Know Less Than You Think

Quick and AgileMeet Chad

Chad is a 31-year old sales manager with an MBA. He’s fairly successful, but wants to start his own business.

He shows me his 50-page business plan that outlines his new-media marketing idea. He’s been working on it for 8 months (the plan, that is), and it’s a pretty in-depth document. He even has it in a nice leather-bound binder.

Ooo… Fancy…

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