Should the “Free” In Freelance Refer To the Price?

Will work for equity...“When is it okay to work for free…?”

I get asked this a lot. The simple answer is “never,” but there’s more to it than that.

See, there are some unscrupulous companies out there who like to take advantage of the newly self-employed — especially freelancers.

They offer you “a great opportunity to build your portfolio” in exchange for giving them your work for free.

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Routine Testing to Discover Your Ideal Workday

Your Ideal WorkdayWe all know that one schedule doesn’t work for everyone. One of the reasons many choose self employment is to design a work life to fit their lifestyle.

Finding a schedule and routine that works for you is not a one-shot deal. It may take time to work out the right one. A schedule on paper or in Google calendar may look good, but it may not work with your actual work day.

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Think Of Being Self-Employed As Your Dream Job with the Perfect Boss

Incite InsightsSome people have a hard time thinking of their work as a business. Many struggle with the leap from working at a job to running a business. They’ve been in a job so long, that trying to envision working for themselves is difficult.

It’s pretty common.

Know what? That’s okay, since in reality working for your self is still a job.

I hate using the “J”-word, but it’s true.

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