Are You Turning into a Home-Based Hermit?

Something to PonderThis is the first guest post from Jon Morrow.

Working at home is certainly convenient, but it can be dangerous to your social life.

With no job to drag you out of the house, you might find that you no longer have a reason to leave. Sure, you might hop into the car and grab some groceries, but that doesn’t involve any deep interaction with people. Neither do conference calls or business lunches.

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Today We Celebrate Our Independence

July 4thHere in the U.S. we’re celebrating our Independence Day.

Though I don’t always agree with the things our government does, and the choices made by those we put there, I still wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

I love this country, and the great things we do and have done — even when it’s overshadowed by assclowns (Take your pick. There’s plenty to choose from on both sides of the aisle).


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How I Gained an Hour a Day by Ditching My Productivity Tools

Moleskine GuyIt happened in one of those melon slapping moments — a proverbial Archimedes streaking flash of insight:

I was wasting an hour a day trying to be more productive.

Minimalist Productivity

Thanks to Mark Shead’s interview series, I was forced to examine some time-wasters for my contribution. A couple of days later, my real time-waster occurred to me — my productivity system and tools.

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