Interesting Finds – 3/08/2007

Interesting FindsWelcome to this week’s collection of interesting finds. A roundup of interesting stuff I found this week while digging through and exploring the tubes of the internets…

My friend Drew McLellan has an interesting project going on over at his place. With “Help me give college grads a fighting chance,” Drew’s asking folks to contribute advice for new college grads:

I remember how scary it was. 20+ years later, I shake my head at the mistakes the grads make while trying to vie for my attention. So I decided we (yes WE) could give them a gift that will put that digital camera to shame. We can help them get that job.

There’s already some great advice in the comments. Be sure to check it out and maybe offer your own.

Via Marketing Pilgrim, I found the The OneBoxer blog:

After using Froogle and then Google Base to build over $1M in business annually for an online retailer of power tools, I was convinced by some in the industry to share the knowledge I’ve acquired through trial and error. My goal is to provide a valuable resource for those struggling with achieving success through Google’s OneBox so their profits and business both grow exponentially.

Some really good info for Google Onebox optimization, including videos on what it is and how it works.

Mike Gunderloy over at Web Worker Daily writes on “Refactoring Your Career:”

Like it or not, we need to keep working even while we change the work that we’re doing. Enter the software development practice of refactoring: making small changes to a program that already works to evolve it towards a more functional version without breaking the parts that are finished.

Mike lists “a catalog of career refactorings,” and many of them will help those looking to make the leap into entrepreneurship prepare.

Tamar Weinberg from 10e20 has a nice article on free and cheap website statistics tools – “Analytics on the Cheap: Six Free Stats Packages for the Startup or Small-Business Owner:”

Key marketing and business decisions can be founded on website statistics analysis. Once your website is up and you’re looking for traffic, all users should consider a statistics package.

Fortunately, in this day and age, you can find just about everything for a relatively cheap price or even free.

I’ve tried so many, and ditched a bunch of them over the years, both free and paid versions. I’m using some of the ones Tamar covers here, and have found StatCounter and Google Analytics to be perfect for most of my needs.

Interesting Finds – 3/01/2007

Interesting FindsJust a way to share a random collection of interesting stuff I found this week… is always a great read. Today, Dmitri Davydov posts “10 Weird Businesses That Make Money Out Of Nothing.” Some of these are really interesting.

What would you do if you won the lottery? Blow it all and end up poor again, like so many others? Or do what Brad Duke did, and make your winnings a gift that keeps on giving?

Along the lines of my “Finding Your Passion Amid the Hate” post, Sarah Winfrey over at WiseBread writes about “How to survive (and thrive!) in a job you hate.”

The list of tools available to help a home-based entrepreneur run their business keep growing. It’s a great time to run your empire from the comfort of your nest. Read/Write Web covers some of the tools making the virtual company possible – “Software For Virtual Teams.”

Mack Collier may not be a NIN fan, but I am from back in the day. I’m also a fan of The Viral Garden, and Mack provides some excellent coverage of NIN’s viral campaign – “NIN Believes The Truth Is Out There.”

Interesting Finds – 2/22/2007

Fear of FlyingJust a way to share a random collection of interesting stuff I found this week…

Anita Campbell from Small Business Trends has an article over at Success Magazine on an interesting business strategy exercise – “Can You Describe Your Business Strategy in Two Words?

David Armano has a very cool story about the famous Red Swingline from one of my favorite movies, Office Space – “Red Staplers + Happy Accidents

Over at eMoms guest blogger Ponn Sabra has a great post for entrepreneur moms – “The Top 10 Mom Entrepreneur’s Empowerment Tips

Wayne Hurlbert has Jory Des Jardins as a guest on his Blog Business Success show. Jory’s thoughts on the solo entrepreneur life are always insightful and on the show tonight, she’ll discuss “Overcoming Solo Entrepreneurship Challenges.” (You should be able to grab it in the archive if you miss it live).