Teaching Someone to Fish Ain’t Easy but It’s Worth the Effort

Teaching Someone to FishDo you find that it’s easier just to do something yourself rather than teaching someone else how to do it?

The old proverb about teaching someone to fish may be true, but it’s pretty damn hard. Sure some people are born teachers, and teaching comes naturally to them. That’s also the case with people who are born salespeople — it’s an innate ability.

But how to teach effectively is a skill and can be learned.

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‘Bout Free Milk and a Cow

Your Brain CapitalRalph listened patiently as the guy asked his question.

When he was finished, Ralph gave him an excellent answer (“wow, I never thought of that…”.)

When the guy asked Ralph a follow-up, Ralph politely handed the gentleman his card. Then Ralph asked the guy to give him a call on Monday — after the weekend trade show we were attending — about scheduling a meeting. They could discuss contract details then.

The guy took the card and left. Ralph never heard from him.

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