Interview with Me at TechZ’s Place

news-birdTechZ from has posted his interview with me over at his place. TZ and I frequent many of the same blogs, so it was cool to be able to sit down and chat. (All virtually of course, being that we’re on opposite sides of the world. Aren’t the ‘nets great?) So if you’d like to hear some of the messy details that come along with being me, be sure to check out the interview.

Thanks for having me TZ, it was fun…

One Honored, SOB

Successful and Outstanding BloggerA “Successful and Outstanding Blogger” that is. Liz Strauss of Successful Blog bestowed the honor, and I’m trilled by the recognition. Liz provides some terrific advice about blogging and writing, so her kudos is greatly appreciated.

Other blogs who have received the SOB badge – some big, some small – are all wonderful sites, contributing some really valuable stuff. So to be included in their ranks is a true honor.

A Nice Surprise

good-lifeWell yesterday was not only Blog Day, but it was Blog Surprise Day as well. I was fortunate enough to be surprised by Easton Ellsworth from BusinessBlogWire. What a cool feeling to be read after only 2 days! I actually have a couple of subscribers that aren’t my wife. And traffic! (Well more back road type traffic rather than highway, but still, traffic!)

Okay, no more exclamation points. On with the show…