Building a Home Business One Weekend At a Time

kicking off the weekendWhen you work full time, it’s difficult to find time to work on your home-based business. Fully utilizing the time you have is key.

So how can you balance time off and time for working on your business?

Ultra-Productive Bursts

As part of the Ultimate Guide to Productivity Group Writing Project, I wanted to tackle weekend productivity for those looking to make the leap. Weekends can be the best time for those working a regular job and building a home-based business, to get some solid work done.

We all have built-in rhythms — times of the day when we’re ultra-productive, and times when we’re not. Knowing your rhythms can help you better schedule your work.

The secret is working with your own cycles. It seems to be a common theme for productivity — Chris talks about his flow time, Dawud describes his 50 minutes bursts, and Ben covers productivity rhythms. This is how I tend to work as well.

If you’re super productive in the morning, get started early and take advantage of that “flow-time.” If you tend to be more focused and get more done in the afternoon, set aside time later in the day to work.

Schedule short bursts of work time during the weekend — 3 to 4 hour blocks during your ultra-productive time. The idea is that if you’re focused, you can get a larger amount of work done in a shorter period of time. Then take the rest of the day for yourself and your family.

Work When You’re Working and Play When You’re Playing

Working on your own business tends to make you more focused. You enjoy the work.

That, coupled with utilizing your most productive times, will allow you to get more done in less time. It’s like getting extra hours. You’re able to spend your work time moving your business forward, and then take the rest of the weekend to play (or clean out the garage, if you prefer).

You’re able to enjoy your time off, because you won’t be thinking about the work you have to do.

Building a home-based business while working full time can eat up your weekends. Learn to work around your natural bursts of productivity, and have more of your weekend for other things.

It’s the next best thing to having 28-hour days…

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