5 Reasons Why Home-Based Entrepreneurship is the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gig

Blog Action DayAs you may know, today is Blog Action Day — a day when over 15,000 blogs (and growing) are posting about the environment.

You’d think that would be off-topic for this blog. On the contrary — being a home-based entrepreneur is one of the most eco-friendly gigs you can have.

For instance…

There’s the 30 Second Commute

Rather than sitting in traffic, spewing out carbon into the atmosphere, you simply walk up the stairs, or into the other room. No pollution, no road rage, just natural human energy (though this may be your only exercise).

Save Electricity by Going for the “Keanu-Reeves-Between-Films” Look

Let’s say you’re an electric razor guy like me. As a home-based entrepreneur, you likely rarely meet anyone face-to-face — what with email, IM, and the phone. So by taking a cue from Keanu, and only shaving on occasion, you can save enough electricity to power a small nightlight.

Reserve the Dry-Cleaning For Special Cases

Dry-cleaning chemicals are not very environmentally friendly. Just by having meetings over the phone or IM, and refusing to attend any event that requires more than a nice t-shirt and cargo pants, you can avoid having to do any dry-cleaning. Except for (hopefully) rare circumstances.

Conserve Water by Forgetting to Shower

Most home-based entrepreneurs are so obsessed involved with their ventures, that they often forget some basic things. Showering comes to mind. That 5 or 10 minutes could be better used to follow-up on an email, and at the same time, conserves water and helps the planet.

You Have No Time to Do Any Damage

Gone are the days when you had free time to ride your quad-runner through the pristine wilderness, or go kayaking along the Alaskan coastline with a 12-pack, and no garbage bag. Because you have very little free time, the impact you used to have on the environment has decreased.

Now, some of this is tongue-and-cheek, of course (I do shower, I promise, and I never littered in Alaska). But in all good humor, there has to be a kernel of truth — and this is no exception.

As a home-base entrepreneur, you have the unique opportunity to have a small impact on the environment, all while having a big impact on the world.

Just another good reason to give it a go…