Think Of Being Self-Employed As Your Dream Job with the Perfect Boss

Incite InsightsSome people have a hard time thinking of their work as a business. Many struggle with the leap from working at a job to running a business. They’ve been in a job so long, that trying to envision working for themselves is difficult.

It’s pretty common.

Know what? That’s okay, since in reality working for your self is still a job.

I hate using the “J”-word, but it’s true.

So What If You Have a Job Mentality?

I talk to people all the time who feel they have a problem because they’re “stuck” in a job mentality. They’re used to going to a job, doing their work, and then coming home. They often work after hours and think about work even on the weekends. Some of these folks like their work. They enjoy a good portion of what their job entails, but want more freedom and a better chance of making money on their own terms. So they set off on their own.

I’m going to tell you a secret – having a job mentality isn’t a bad thing for some people.

Many people thrive on routine. Those people tend to be much more successful as a home-based entrepreneur if they take the same approach to their business.

The difference is you’re now the boss. You have to set your own schedule and workflow. Many are doing this already in their day jobs.

There’s nothing wrong with working a “regular” work-week schedule as a self-employed home-based business person.

Don’t feel like you have to have some odd schedule to feel free. This is a common misconception among the newly self-employed.

It’s perfectly reasonable to think of your business as your job. You walk into your office at 9. Take an hour for lunch at 12. Work until 6, and maybe check email in the late evening.

You don’t fail some unwritten entrepreneur test if you like treating your home business as a job.

Just think of it as your dream job, with the perfect boss, with lots more fun and lots more hours.

Because contrary to what some may say, that’s exactly what it is