The Real Meaning of Things

Something to PonderWhat do you really want?

You probably have a few things in mind. We all want things.

But what is the underlying reason for wanting those things?

Most people spend their entire lives accumulating stuff, which George Carlin describes best in his classic bit (warning if you’re at work or easily offended, it is Carlin here, folks).

But Why?

Unfortunately most of the time it’s to fill a void. A big gaping hole, right in the middle of their soul.

Think about all the folks you know caught up in the cycle:

  1. Work 60 or more hours a week at a place they hate.
  2. Spend and hour or more a day getting to a place they hate.
  3. Use their free time to buy things to make up for the fact that they hate their lives.
  4. Need to make money to buy those things.
  5. Go to item number one, and repeat.

Things can’t make up for what’s missing. They can sooth the pain for a short period of time, but the pain comes back. Things are anesthetics, not a cure.

Finding the real cause, and changing direction to eradicate the void rather than just fill it, creates a whole new perspective.

Once you are on track, things become something else. They become a novelty, and fun. They no longer are tasked with fixing the pain, and can just be things.

Make sure you know why you want the things you want. Things can’t make your life worth living. But when added to an already fulfilling life, they can enhance it. Things are the seasonings and the condiments — not the entire meal.

Don’t give things more meaning than they deserve. They’ll never be able to live up to those expectations.