Thanking You for Joining the Conversation

newsI get some really great comments here. Many of you join the conversation with such insightful stuff, that I’m always interested to see what you say.

As a way to say thanks to those commenting, I’ve added Jeffrey Strain’s Top Commentators plug-in to the site. I’ve seen it on some of my favorite blogs and wanted to use it here.

The top 10 commentators each month will be rewarded with a backlink from the sidebar and your name proudly displayed. It’s my way of giving a shout-out to those of you who really contribute to the discussion.

Please keep in mind “nice site” and “me too” comments don’t really add much and I can filter out commentators just trying to get listed. Not that I don’t like being told “nice site,” but I’m really looking to reward those who add to the conversation.

So those who have been jumping in with all the great insights, keep it up. And if you’ve just been lurking, maybe this is a little more incentive to speak up.

I love hearing what you have to say…