Teaching Someone to Fish Ain’t Easy but It’s Worth the Effort

Teaching Someone to FishDo you find that it’s easier just to do something yourself rather than teaching someone else how to do it?

The old proverb about teaching someone to fish may be true, but it’s pretty damn hard. Sure some people are born teachers, and teaching comes naturally to them. That’s also the case with people who are born salespeople — it’s an innate ability.

But how to teach effectively is a skill and can be learned.

It’s more than just dumping information on people. Teaching is a lot like sales (which is why some of the best salespeople I’ve ever known were former teachers). You have to understand the way people think and how to engage them. You have to be able to use the power of storytelling to connect, and make points compelling.

So how do you do that? By modeling great teachers.

Think back to your favorite teachers. What made them great? What about their teaching style made you want to learn from them, and allowed them to stand out?

Why Would You Want To Teach?

Have you ever taught somebody something? How did they look at you afterwards? One of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise is to teach it to someone. We tend to hold in high regard those that are able to teach us something of value.

Humans are naturally curious and have a thirst to learn. If you can effectively teach someone, you have proven your expertise in a powerful way.

If you teach someone to fish, you don’t just feed them for a lifetime — you create a relationship. That creates a loyal customer, and it may just create an evangelist.

Update: Proof of the Impact

I rarely go back and update posts, but this is a perfect example of how the right information, along with support and encouragement, can literally change lives. As proof of the impact the right teacher can have, check out this post by Stephen Hopson. Thanks for sending me this Stephen.