Does Your Business Pass the Head-Tilt Test?

question markIt’s a familiar gesture.

Head tipped to one side, ears up.

Made famous by the RCA dog, it’s how the canine mind deals with the perplexing.

But you’ve probably noticed humans sometimes do it too. It may accompany a “Huh…?” or the less polite “WTF…?” And if it happens when you describe your business, you may be in trouble.

“So, You’re Like, a Computer Guy…?”

Tech businesses typically involve complexity — particularly from the point of view of the general public. If you’ve ever tried to describe what you do to someone at a dinner party or your kid’s ice cream social, you’ve probably seen the head-tilt.

It’s followed by a glazed over look, and if you’re lucky, an “Hmmm… Interesting.”

Then comes the most common line you hear… “So you’re a computer guy? Well, I keep getting this …blah, blah, blah…Windows problem… blah, blah, blah.

Most of the tech entrepreneurs I know tend to blow it off. Since their customers are tech savvy, the fact that Barb from the PTA doesn’t get it isn’t important.

But — you see — it is.

No matter what type of business you have or how technical or complex it may be, there are many reasons why it needs to be explained simply.

Often the direct buyers aren’t tech or niche savvy. Middle managers, not the tech staff, may hold the purse strings.

Then there are referrals. If someone doesn’t have a clue what you do, they won’t be referring anyone to you. Who knows, their favorite uncle may hold a high position with Google, who just happens to be looking for what you have to offer.

Don’t discount simplicity, just because your end customer may know what you do. It’s often the ones in-between you and that customer that bring you business.

That head-tilt may end up costing you…