How I Gained an Hour a Day by Ditching My Productivity Tools

Moleskine GuyIt happened in one of those melon slapping moments — a proverbial Archimedes streaking flash of insight:

I was wasting an hour a day trying to be more productive.

Minimalist Productivity

Thanks to Mark Shead’s interview series, I was forced to examine some time-wasters for my contribution. A couple of days later, my real time-waster occurred to me — my productivity system and tools.

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Passing the Time – Cube Farm Scavenger Hunt

Cube Farm Scavenger HuntWhen you’re ready to make the leap to working from home, but have to keep your day job, the absurdity that is Corporate America really starts to get to you. So I present “Pre-Liberation Survival Tools” for those waiting out their sentences, and counting the days to freedom.

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Generate Traffic and Leads with Video White Papers: Part Two

video white papersIn part one, I introduced this video white paper idea, and pointed out a terrific resource for learning more about white papers in general. Now we can move on to…

What is a Video White Paper?

A few years ago, I began taking the concepts used in developing white papers for clients and applying them to video-based presentations. Not really canned slide-shows, not really product demos, and not just sales presentations, but a mix of the three. I started calling them video white papers, because like a good white paper, they focused on the audience and their issues, not the authors and all the amazing benefits they have to offer. My goal was to provide an alternative to a typical presentation and demo.

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