Routine Testing to Discover Your Ideal Workday

Your Ideal WorkdayWe all know that one schedule doesn’t work for everyone. One of the reasons many choose self employment is to design a work life to fit their lifestyle.

Finding a schedule and routine that works for you is not a one-shot deal. It may take time to work out the right one. A schedule on paper or in Google calendar may look good, but it may not work with your actual work day.

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Distractions Speak Louder Than Words

DistractionsJim Court: You’re not a permanent part of her life. You’re a distraction.

Lloyd Dobler: I’m the distraction that’s going with her to England, sir.

~ John Mahoney and John Cusack in Say Anything

Personal distractions are a permanent part of your life. They will always be with you.

I’m not talking about interruptions. Those aren’t going away either. Here, I’m talking about those leisure activities that some consider distractions.

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A Business That Accommodates Your Life

reader-guyPam Slim over at Escape from Cubicle Nation has a terrific post on how to Avoid becoming the stressed-out, overworked entrepreneur:

One of my readers recently asked this very astute question:

“Some of the people I know that actually own a business (most of them selling some sort of product or franchise), they complain that they work a lot more than on a regular job. You can see them working weekends much more than other people. I’d like to know if this holds as well for consultancy based businesses. (one of the reasons to have your own business is to increase quality of life and time with family, so it seems contradictory)”

Pam outlines some important things to consider about designing your business and offers some recommendations on dealing with overwork.

Many parents leave the corporate world to work from home, only to find that they’re working more and have less time. The key is to create a life that accommodates your business, and a business that accommodates your life.