My Foray into Podcasting – The Creative Venture

nestguy-castToday, the world of podcasting will be forever changed – okay, not really. But it will gain one more show.

Today is the official launch of my new podcast The Creative Venture, part of the GNMBusiness channel, presented by Grasshopper New Media.

The Creative Venture

A large segment of the folks I work with (and a big portion of my readers here) are in creative fields – artists, writers, dancers, designers, craftspeople, etc. – and this show will focus on helping them to use their creative talents to build a successful business:

One of the greatest challenges for creative people is finding good information on how to make a living from their creative talents – on their own terms.

Our goal with The Creative Venture is to bridge the gap between creativity and practical business knowledge. The Creative Venture brings you great advice, insight and guidance for taking your creative talents and turning them into a business. Utilizing real world experience, we will help make the process easier for folks setting off on the grand adventure of the self-made creative venture.

I am very excited to be joining the Grasshopper New Media family. Started by Chris Brogan and expertly managed by Ben Yoskovitz, it is a perfect example of how to attract talent and provide valuable content.

So if you want to learn a thing or two about starting and running a creative venture, or you’re just curious about how I sound, go check out the first episode of The Creative Venture.

Interview with Me at TechZ’s Place

news-birdTechZ from has posted his interview with me over at his place. TZ and I frequent many of the same blogs, so it was cool to be able to sit down and chat. (All virtually of course, being that we’re on opposite sides of the world. Aren’t the ‘nets great?) So if you’d like to hear some of the messy details that come along with being me, be sure to check out the interview.

Thanks for having me TZ, it was fun…

Site Updates, News, and Other Stuff

news-birdFor those not reading this in a feed reader or through email, you may have noticed a few minor changes to the site. The main thing being a “Best of the Nest” link in the sidebar. This will be a constantly evolving list of the most popular posts and those that I feel cover some key topics for work at home parents. I also updated the “About” page with a few small details.

Secondly, I began as a regular contributor to this week – one of my favorite productivity and personal development sites. It’s a great opportunity, and I’m much obliged to Leon for giving me another outlet for my ramblings.

And finally, I just wanted to say thanks to those who read, subscribe, and provide such great feedback on this site. It’s all you folks who make this so much fun to do.

Have a great weekend.