A Different Approach to Selling Content

Brain CapitalMy advertising post generated some great feedback, both in the comments and through email.

A few people missed the point entirely, but that’s going to happen. You can’t help everyone ;).

Some of you made some great observations, and many had questions. The most common question was “how to capitalize on your content and what you know, rather than going the ads route…”

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Goodbye Top Commentators, Hello Top Contributors

News from the NestWhen I installed the Top Commentators plugin, it was for one purpose — to say thanks, with a linkback, to those who contributed to the conversation. It was an automated way to give some link love to folks taking the time to offer their input, insight, and feedback.

Unfortunately like any automated system, the opportunity is there for it to be gamed — and that was happening more, and more. It’s no longer automated when you have to spend a bunch of time manually fixing things and removing schlock.

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Back in the Nest

News from the NestWhy buy good luggage? You only use it when you travel.” ~ Yogi Berra

For those who have been wondering about the lack of posts this week, I had some unexpected traveling to do. I was called out of town to attend to some family matters, and have been unable to post.

But I’m back, and regular posts will resume next week.

Have a great weekend!

Is Being Ripped Off Really a Form of Flattery?

Don't Steal This!Update: Michel the owner of the site in question has posted a response in the comments below, and sent both Mike and me a private response. I have to say it takes a lot to own up to something, especially in a public forum, and I really respect that. I’ll be contacting Michel directly to work out the details, but I’m glad this all worked out amicably.

I actually had another post all ready to go for today, when I saw this.

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Off to SOBCon

SOBCon 07Well, I’m on my way to Chicago for SOBCon 2007 (or depending on when you’re reading this, sitting in an airport waiting).

It will be interesting to meet friends face-to-face for the first time. Friends I’ve met through my wanderings around the neighborhoods of the interwebs.

I hope to see you there…

And If You Can’t Make It to SOBCon

Carolyn Manning has put together a virtual conference over at her Thoughts & Philosophies site, called Getting It Together. Looks like a great line-up. Be sure to check it out.