Finding Your Purpose Isn’t Easy – But Neither Is Having It Handed To You

Find Your PurposeSearching for your purpose can be exasperating.

I’ve talked to folks who have reached the point of tears over not being about to find their purpose. Everything they do is a dead end. Every time they think they have it figured out, it falls through.

All they want is to be able to do work that they are passionate about, and that is in line with their purpose – their calling.

Only, they have no idea what that is.

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My Spin on the Goals Meme

What Drives YouI’m always a little apprehensive about these memes

Not that I don’t think they’re interesting – on other blogs. See, as I say pretty often here, this place is more about you than it is about me. My words and little drawings are there strictly to get you inspired, thinking, and taking action.

So when it comes to a meme that’s focused on me, it’s a little weird.

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