Successful Entrepreneurs Know Less Than You Think

Quick and AgileMeet Chad

Chad is a 31-year old sales manager with an MBA. He’s fairly successful, but wants to start his own business.

He shows me his 50-page business plan that outlines his new-media marketing idea. He’s been working on it for 8 months (the plan, that is), and it’s a pretty in-depth document. He even has it in a nice leather-bound binder.

Ooo… Fancy…

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If Working for a Jerk Motivated Your Self-Employment, What Are You Motivating?

Bucket-Head BossI would rather work for an up-turned broom with a bucket for a head than work for anyone else in this office besides myself.” ~ Stanley from The Office

One of the top reasons that people set out on their own is that they hate their boss. Often, it’s the last straw. It’s the motivation they need to make the leap.

It’s pretty common to hear horror stories of bad bosses. Sometimes, they’re mixed with stories of great bosses — ones that become like mentors.

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