2 Factors to Determine If You’re Arrogant or Confident

Ass or ExpertSome interesting points about arrogance versus confidence were brought up on my “You May Already Be an Expert…” post.

I actually expected that.

Does that make me arrogant or confident? :)

There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence — and often that line is blurred. Two main factors help make the determination:

  • Intent,
  • And who’s doing the labeling.

If You’re Trying to Be an Ass, You’re Probably Succeeding

Some people thrive on their own arrogance. They’re self-important, holier-that-thou, know-it-alls who seize every opportunity to make others feel small. The funny thing about these kinds of people is that they’re:

  • Often wrong,
  • Actually don’t know what they’re talking about,
  • And use arrogance to mask their lack of confidence.

Like bullies, when they’re called on it, they back down. Though sometimes they fight harder — since any resistance will shed more light on their weakness. So they slather on a big ole’ jar of assclown, and use it to cover their inadequacies.

Anytime someone tries to appear more powerful by belittling others — that’s obvious arrogance.

Arrogance Is In the Eye of the Beholder

If you’re confident in your position, and have the expertise to back it up, someone is going to call you arrogant. That’s almost guaranteed. They may even call you worse.

It’s a sad fact that many people live their lives from a position of fear. They easily feel threatened, so they lash out.

As an expert, you are usually brought in to fix something. Something that someone else broke. If that person is still around, they’re going to feel threatened by you. Unless they too are confident, and just happened to have made a mistake.

It takes courage to be an expert. You’re there to provide results, not to make friends. As a person of experience, you are hired to provide your expertise and knowledge to others — plain and simple. But you have to treat others with respect.

If you value others, while utilizing your expertise to get the job done — that’s confidence. No matter what the threatened may call you.

Be Who You Are, and Let Others Do the Same

If you do just a bit of soul searching, you’ll know if you’re being confident or arrogant. The way you treat those around you is a good indicator.

Being sure of yourself and knowing that you have what it takes to get results — while providing others with the respect they deserve — is what sets an expert apart from an ass.